The Israel Deception

Is the return of Israel in the 20th century truly a work of God, or is it a result of a cosmic chess move to deceive the elect by the adversary?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

QE was simply another form of bailout for insolvent banks

On Feb. 3, economist and statistician Rob Kirby was a guest on Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog network.  During the 39 minute interview, Kirby blows the door wide open on the true purpose for Quantitative Easing 3(QE3), and says that empirical data shows that the entire scheme was created to provide another trillion dollar bailout of the banks, which were officially insolvent from their collection of worthless Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) holdings.

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Millionaire Harvard economist pulls money out of bank from fear of Fed policy

There is an old axiom in the world of stock markets, which is, you cannot catch a falling knife.  This analogy refers to the fact that when a stock or entire market begins to sell off, it is usually the insiders and big fish who are able to get their money out by making the first moves, while everyone else attempts to sell with few buyers and in the end, lose their shirts.
It is the same way in banking, where institutions hold very little of the their total deposits in-house, and when a bank run starts, only the first few people are able to get their money out.  So when a Harvard economist with over a million dollars in a big bank publicly chooses to take it all out, then every other depositor needs to take this warning seriously as trust and confidence in the banking system continues to fade.
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Friday, January 31, 2014

Confidence in dollar so bad globally even Zimbabwe has dropped it

When Zimbabwe, the poster child of hyper-inflation in the 21st century, dumps your currency for another because they feel it is being devalued too much, then the ultimate sign of disrespect has been made for a nation’s monetary policy.  Sadly, this is suddenly the case for the U.S. dollar when on Jan. 30, the African nation that saved its economy less than five years ago by adopting the dollar as their national form of money, is now dropping that currency to instead allow the Chinese Renminbi to take its place as the money of choice.

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Former World Bank economist calls for new global currency and end to the dollar

One of the inevitable consequences of a purely fiat currency is that eventually a central bank will inflate and devalue it out of existence for the country it is used in.  However, when that same currency is the world’s reserve currency, then that same inflation can be exported to nearly every nation as they are required to use it for international trade settlement.
Which brings up an interesting point made on Jan. 29 by the former head economist of the World Bank, Justin Yifu Lin, when he calls for an end to the dollar, and the creation of a new global currency.  This new currency, which Lin determines would preferably not be based on a basket of (fiat) currencies, would become a ‘super currency’ that is not controlled by any particular sovereign entity.
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Obama wants everyone to invest in government debt as their retirement

As we sit hours away from President Obama’s fifth State of the Union address, a new proposal that will be offered by the President tonight has been leaked to the public.  Sometime during his speech, Barack Obama will offer Americans the chance to save for their retirements not with equities, gold, or real estate, but with government debt… just as his administration has already done by moving Federal employee retirements into the same.

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Gold price manipulation pushes mint supplies to the brink

No matter how much a government or central bank believes they can control every aspect of an economy, the natural laws of supply and demand will always rule markets, even during times of intervention and manipulation.  Since 2011, when the Federal Reserve used their proxy banks like J.P. Morgan Chase and Germany’s Deutsche Bank to artificially lower gold prices through massive short selling, the gambit has had the opposite effect on physical gold demand, with the results finally catching up to the perpetrators as sovereign mint’s reach the brink on their supplies of real gold.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Warren Buffett supports bank CEO that lost headquarters and had $25 billion in fines

Billionaire Warren Buffett has created a persona over his career where the public sees him as a kind old man with a genius for investing.   But in recent times, the ‘Oracle of Omaha’ has been involved in some highly questionable choices and partnerships, none more questionable when on Jan. 24, Buffett gave his absolute support to the CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, who has been under serious fire for continuous acts of fraud and manipulation.

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One of world’s largest online electronic’s stores now accepts Bitcoin

Beginning on Jan. 23, one of the world’s largest online retailer of electronics will now accept Bitcoins as money to purchase products on their website.
Tiger, which sells more than 200000 products that include, pc’s, laptops, televisions, and components, will now accept Bitcoin as cash and help increase the digital money presence in stores worldwide.

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FDIC closes second bank of 2014 in Oklahoma

The Bank of Union, located in El Reno, OK, was closed down by the FDIC on Friday, Jan. 24.  This bank failure is the second for 2014 and comes following a year where 24 banks were closed by the Federal agency.
1/24/2014 *** OK *** El Reno *** The Bank of Union *** $70 million dollar estimated FDIC DIF cost.
The total DIF for failed banks this week is $70 million.
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Fed tapering beginning to exploit cracks in global financial system

On Jan. 25, trends forecaster Gerald Celente was a guest of King World News to speak on the economy, and the coming financial crises that are just beginning to show themselves in Asia, Europe and the U.S..  During his 15 and half minute interview, Celente pointedly stated that the Fed will have no choice but to taper, and continue to taper well into 2014, and that these actions will cause massive problems for emerging markets and U.S. markets that have dumped trillions of dollars into these nations to prop up their artificial growth.

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