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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mainstream wonders why consumers aren’t spending because they don’t actually look at the data

Many Americans by now know that the mainstream media is little more than a propaganda tool of the banks and government, and they rarely if ever report on actual data that could deter from their agenda of ensuring the public believes everything is fine.  This has been true in many facets, whether it is the whitewashing of the actual unemployment rate, or by having the President go on air and call anyone who doesn’t believe in a strong economy as being delusional.
Yet the economy in America today rests upon too shaky pillars of both consumer and government spending.  And despite the media’s continuous attempts to say buy stocks because the consumer is doing fine, the newest CPI report out on May 17 shatters this rhetoric by showing a rise in prices of over .3% in just the last month, and the highest move since 2013.

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Price inflation for dining out may make $15 minimum wage laws moot

30 years ago, dining out for the average American family was a once a week experience, with working parents adding to this total with an occasional lunch break at a restaurant.  However, the past three decades have seen this paradigm completely turn around, and in 2015, people spent more money eating out than they did in buying groceries since the convenience of cost was worth the experience.
Yet this trend may have quickly reached a peak here in 2016 as the growing movement of mandatory $15 per hour minimum wage demands being coupled with huge jumps in price inflation have seen the affordability of dining out now much greater than the cost of eating at home.
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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The value of gold as explained in the cost of having a baby

Those of us who are gold owners, and who have dedicated the time to studying this monetary metal, realize its purpose and significance as a protector of wealth and purchasing power.  And while many have heard the stories of how an ounce of gold would buy a nice suit and night out on the town in 1920 as well as in 2015, few perhaps have taken a hard look at comparing prices for other products and services throughout history to validate that gold is the ultimate form of money, no matter what era we live in.

The other day I came across an interesting item that comes from what we might call 'memory lane', and what struck me was just how inexpensive services were for Americans prior to when we began to inflate our money and devalue it through massive expansion.  So I decided to use it as a comparison to see if it followed the same mathematical properties we assume if I inserted gold in lieu of its dollar cost.

And the service I will use is the cost of a hospital stay in 1943 for having a baby, and the same cost for this service in 2015.


As you can see from this receipt (and after you pause from having your mind blown from how cheap it was to get medical care back then), the cost for a one night hospital stay and delivery of a child was $29.50.  And if we look at how much an ounce of gold was in 1943 denominated in dollars, the value was $35.00 per ounce.

Which means it took 84% of an ounce of gold to pay for the service of having a baby in a hospital in 1943.

Estimated average hospital childbirth facility costs per maternity stay ranged from $1,189 to $11,986, with a median of $4,215. The figures did not include professional fees for obstetricians, midwives or anesthesiologists, who generally bill separately for their services.
From this we will take the low end number since it represents an apples to apples comparison of a birth that does not incur complications and added hospital services.  So taking the value of $1,189.00 and the value of an ounce of gold last year at its height ($1,290.00), we come up with the following ratio.

$1189.00 / $1,290.00 = 92% of an ounce.

As you can see it is relatively close, with the higher price allowing for the addition of better and more quality upgrades in care that have occurred from innovation and technology.  And this is also justified in the fact that infant mortality rates have dropped to below 10 per 1000 today when in 1943 it was still as high as 90 per 1000.

The purpose behind this article was to show both how paper currencies have devalue over time because of their very nature of creating price inflation, and how gold by its very nature increases in value in relation to that same currency to keep up with any changes to inflation.  And why gold is still as relevant today for people to own to protect their wealth and savings, and will continue to be long into the future.

Monday, March 7, 2016

German banking association recommending banks stockpile cash for loans to stimulate economy

On March 4, the Bavarian Banking Association recommended to its member banks that they take out all their deposits being held with the European Central Bank (ECB) and stockpile the cash for use as loans in order to stimulate the economy.  This recommendation comes as the ECB prepares for negative interest rates, and the charging of interest to banks under their authority for sequestering cash in their facility.
Like with the Federal Reserve in the U.S., ever since the ECB began its own form of quantitative easing and zero interest rates, banks within the Eurozone have simply borrowed cheap money from the central bank and either bought government bonds or parked it with the ECB where they received a modicum of interest.  This has resulted in a sharp slowdown in the velocity of money, and a massive decrease in lending to businesses and the general economy.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Helicopter Ben goes to Switzerland as people to vote on getting monthly government payouts

It is becoming more and more apparent that the entire global financial system is rushing headlong into a titanic collapse sometime in the future, and governments along with central banks are willing to do anything to extend it as far as it can go.  This of course means that at certain points along the way they need to use more and more drastic measures in order to stimulate spending.
Starting late in 2015, and continuing so far into the first part of the new year,  these ‘drastic measures’ are starting to hit mainstream.  And besides the growing talk about negative interest rates, and banning or ending the use of physical cash, the last resort scheme in the arsenal of those in power is right now knocking on the door, and is being looked at strongly in Northern European country’s like Norway and Switzerland.
And that last resort scheme is the direct distribution of cash to the people.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Since 2010 the U.S. has been in hyperinflation

In layman’s terms, the definition of hyper-inflation occurs when you expand a monetary supply to the point where it crosses over from an arithmetic rate of growth to an exponential one in relation to a nation’s GDP.  This eventually is followed by price hyper-inflation, which eventually leads to destruction in confidence and a death event for a particular currency.
Over the past five years the U.S. central bank has attempted to do its best to survive a hyper-inflation of the dollar by keeping it contained outside the general economy, and at the level of banks and Wall Street.  However, for anyone who has had to pay rent, buy food, or suffer through budget expenses such as those of education or medical, then they know that price inflation has indeed trickled down in a meaningful manner to the public contrary to the constant lies from the Federal Reserve of less than 2% inflation.
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