Tuesday, January 5, 2016

If liberals are demanding the right of free education and healthcare, where is my right to a free gun?

Going back to 19th century movements on forward, the term ‘right’ has been skewed from its original intentions that were tied to liberty, protection, and opportunity, to now one where society and government owe people these things, even if it must commit someone else to pay for tehm.  And this can be seen in all its glory in 2015 where millennial campus students are demanding free education as a right, and where Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is offering free… well everything also as a ‘right’.
But the difference between today’s definition of rights and those put into the founding Constitution is that protected rights require nothing from others to allow you to enact them.  No one is forced to cede anything for your right to free speech, freedom to worship as you please, and freedom to protest (petition the government).  And in fact, none of these require a single dollar from anyone to allow you to exercise them.


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