Monday, September 19, 2011

Ron Paul - the 21st century Old Man and the Sea

When Ernest Hemmingway wrote his epic novel, the Old Man and the Sea, could anyone picture then that Congressman Ron Paul would represent the lone fisherman who strives to catch the great marlin while sharks surround him and his boat to steal his prize.

Ron Paul is a perfect representation of the old man, who battles with Quixotic ferver, for a prize that is just out of his grasp, but everyone on Wall Street and in Washington doesnt want him to win.  In the end of course, it doesn't matter since the prize was not won, but the satisfaction of fighting for it with all his power and might in a waning struggle during his twilight years makes it easier to retire knowing his did not give in, and it wasn't due to his failure that the prize was not achieved.

Fortunately... Ron Paul's story is still being written, and the ending has not yet been determined.

An entire breakdown of this analogy can be found by Jim Quinn at the Burning Platform.


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