The Israel Deception

Is the return of Israel in the 20th century truly a work of God, or is it a result of a cosmic chess move to deceive the elect by the adversary?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

California and New York ready to join Seattle in destroying jobs with new minimum wage laws

Economics is a social science, and as such it can be greatly affected by the emotional demands of a given people or culture.  And just as the government, Federal Reserve, and Wall Street helped create the political climate of the 2016 election through their full buy-in of crony capitalism, so too are states signing their own economic ‘death warrants’ by giving into the demands of a $15 minimum wage.
Last year, places like Seattle, Washington signed new legislation imposing a $15 minimum wage on businesses and government employees, and the results were as expected by economists who look at the true data rather than those who are bought into the political spin.

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Asia’s three largest economies in talks for a massive free trade agreement

This week, Asia’s three largest economies (China, South Korea, and Japan) will be holding high level talks to forge a new free trade agreement that will help spearhead competition and strength in the Asean theater.  In fact, this is the 10th round of talks between the three member states, and it comes with the potential for these long-standing adversaries to bypass political issues in favor of economic cooperation.
As of the end of 2015, China, Japan, and South Korea were globally ranked as 2, 3, and 11 respectively for their GDP, and a trade agreement between the three could easily place their coalition on par with the combined economic power of the European Union.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

World's largest bank (China) becomes a market maker with the LBMA

On April 5, an under the radar piece of news came over the wires that will have a strong influence in China's plans to set their own spot prices in both gold and silver soon through the Shanghai Gold Exchange.  This is because the London Bullion Metals Association (LBMA) has approved China's largest bank, and in fact the world's largest bank, the ICBC, to become a new market maker with the institution.

ICBC Standard Bank, China and the world’s largest bank, has been reclassified as a spot Market Making Member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) with effect from today according to a note posted on the LBMA website last night at 2100 GMT. 
Submitted by Mark O’Byrne: 
“In order to qualify as a LBMA Market Maker, a company must offer two-way quotations in both gold and silver to the other Market Makers throughout the London business day. 
Reclassification is the responsibility of the LBMA Management Committee. In deciding on the issue of reclassification, the Committee takes account of the views of the other Market Makers on the performance of the candidate company during an approximately three month probationary period. 
Total LBMA membership stands at 146, consisting of 13 Market Making Members, 67 Ordinary Members and 66 Associates Members. The membership list can be found on the LBMA’s website.” 
ICBC becoming a new LBMA market maker in the gold market, while expected, is an important development and again shows China’s intent with regard to becoming a key player in the global gold market. - Silver Doctors
This new affiliation with the LBMA as both a market maker, and as an entity who will be able to set spot prices for gold, comes just two weeks before their expected move to allow the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) to begin setting prices in the physical market in direct competition with both London and the U.S. Comex.

Monday, April 4, 2016

There is no longer a path to retirement unless you make it happen

Before the U.S. chose to engage in a path of monetary inflation starting in the 1960's, retirement was not a difficult endeavor for most Americans since the cost of goods and services were comparable to the monthly allocation of pension benefits and social security.  However, when these two things began to disconnect a decade later, it became almost a necessity for an individual to start investing early in the markets or in assets that could provide a return feasible to counter price inflation that has been almost non-stop for 50 years.

But with the central bank embarking on a more aggressive policy of monetary expansion to purposely increase the amount of inflation in the economy, it appears that for the American people we have reached a point of no return, and the dream of a comfortable retirement without incredible intervention by the individual themselves is pretty much done.

Graphic courtesy of Jim Quinn, Burning Platform
In fact, the number of full-time workers over the age of 55 numbered only 11 million in 2000, representing 18.6% of the over 55 population. Today, over 21 million full-time employed over 55 year olds, represent close to 25% of the rapidly growing over 55 year old category. 
Boomers aren’t retiring en mass because they can’t afford to retire. The labor participation rate of the younger generations is being negatively impacted by the non-retirement of Boomers. This is called the trickle down effect from unintended consequences. The establishment has strip mined the wealth of the country, leaving a barren wasteland in its wake, creating a seething populace, seeking perpetrators to blame. The populist uprising which propels Trump and Sanders has been spurred by the destruction of the working middle class as the corporate fascists, global elite, and banking cabal have pushed their game of financialization roulette to its limit. - Burning Platform

Chicago’s historic gun violence a consequence of economics, not too many guns

It is probably no coincidence that the location which spawned both Barack Obama’s Presidential bid, and his former Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel who now serves as its current mayor, is suffering a combination of economic collapse and historic violence among its citizens and government agencies.  And while liberal diatribe attempts to incorrectly call the mass number of homicides occurring within Chicago a symptom of too much gun ownership, the reality is that the rise in violence can be primarily attributed to economics, and the same type of debt bombs stifling growth in places like New Jersey, Baltimore, and Detroit.


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IMF discusses creating a financial collapse event in Greece according to new Wikileaks report

In the continuing saga of Eurozone financial difficulties, Greece continues to be the linchpin for the economic Troika of the IMF, European Commission (EC), and European Central Bank (ECB) to hold the line against sovereign nations potentially defaulting on their debts and subsequently exiting from EU control.  And in a new Wikileaks data dump on April 2, it appears that members of the IMF were caught discussion the creation of a financial collapse event in Greece to force the government to succumb to the wills of the Troika.


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Saturday, April 2, 2016

U.S. gold refiners running out of metals and starting to show insolvency

An interesting piece of news showed up on Friday which was not part of some April Fools joke.  It involved one of America's largest private gold and silver mints, and their inability to both provide gold to a customer who made a purchase from them back in February, and even worse, their inability to refund the customer their money.

Yet perhaps of even greater import, this mint and refiner admitted to a mainstream news source that they in fact owe between 100 and 200 customers a refund in which they are currently unable to pay.

FEDERAL WAY, WASH. - The owner of a large gold and silver mint based in Federal Way admits he owes money to 100 to 200 customers all over the country. 
Ross Hansen, owner of Northwest Territorial Mint, says he has not delivered products or refunded money to those customers even when they demanded it. 
Northwest Territorial Mint is one of the largest private gold and silver mints in the country. 
One of those unhappy customers is Kelly Clifton, who runs a small ministry in Sultan. 
Clifton ordered $6,000 worth of gold bullion in February from a small inheritance. A few weeks later, while still waiting for the gold, she says she asked for a refund. The company gave her half, she says. 
“The rest of it, we were told, we may get or we may not get,” said Clifton.
Other customers have similar complaints. - Chanel5 News/Seattle via Silver Doctors
The bottom line is that years of manipulated gold and silver prices by London and the U.S. Comex are leaving more and more mints and miners unable to function, and many are either shutting down or becoming insolvent.  And this will result in only the strongest gold sellers surviving in the coming months and years, and an opportunity for companies like Karatbars to take a huge chunk of the remaining market share when more and more individuals turn towards gold as the ultimate safe haven to protect their wealth.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Gold finishes first quarter of 2016 with best beginning since 1974

When Americans were finally allowed to own gold again in 1974 following 41 years of legal restrictions in the aftermath of Executive Order 6102 by President Franklin Roosevelt, it spawned a massive wave of buying in the first quarter of eligibility that has not been seen in 42 years.

Until now.
Gold's 16.1% surge in Q1 2016 ias the best start to a year since 1974. Overall, this is the best quarter since Q3 1986 and is the best performing major commodity of the year. 
Gold rallied this year as it cemented its status as a store of value amid financial market turbulence and concern about the global economy, which led to speculation that the Federal Reserve would pause on tightening monetary policy in the U.S. Having seen BlackRock's gold ETF halted due to inability to meet physical demand, it appears pet rocks and barbarous relics are 'worth' something after all.

Jobless claims jump to highest rate in two years, bringing new questions on recession

Contrary to the ‘head on the sand’ rhetoric that is coming from the Fed and mainstream business news regarding jobs, employment, and how the economy is really doing, the bottom line numbers have already signaled recession in the manufacturing side of the economy, and all that remains is for the service sector to hop on board.  But as the central bank Chair earlier this week pointed towards uncertainty in the markets that are now having an effect on their ability to raise interest rates as promised in December, new data out today pretty much ensures there won’t be a rate hike for at least several months, if not at all for the rest of the year.
This is because on March 31, new jobless claims numbers came in and they were discovered to be at the highest rate in two years.
With both ISM Manufacturing and Services employment indices collapsing, endless headlines of layoffs, Challenger-Grey noting Q1 as the worst since 2009, and NFIB small business hiring weak, it is no surprise that initial jobless claims is finally waking up. For the 3rd week in a row - the longest streak since July 2015. The last 3 weeks have seen a 9.1% surge in jobless claims - the biggest such rise since April 2014. - Zerohedge
jobless claims
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Long-standing U.S. ally Israel moves into China’s camp for free trade agreements

As the U.S. spins draconian trade agreements into Orwellian ‘free trade’ rhetoric, China continues to attract countries from around the world who are no longer enamored by dollar hegemony, and secret deals such as the TPP and TTIP.  And now joining in this conversion from West to East is long-standing U.S. ally Israel, who is finding the political winds of Middle Eastern foreign policy directed squarely against them.
On March 29, Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yangdong announced during a visit to Jerusalem that China and Israel would begin negotiations for new free trade agreements that would boost economic growth for both nations.
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