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Monday, December 5, 2011

MF Global lawsuit bypasses company and goes straight to Jon Corzine

Since the CFTC, Attorney General, Obama administration, and every regulator refuses to touch Jon Corzine after the MF Global theft and scandal rocked the commodities world, two former employees have bypassed a lawsuit agains the company and went straight for the man himself on failed fudiciary responsibility.

And as of today, two former employees have proceeded to sue Jon Corzine as reports. "Two former employees of MF Global have filed a class-action lawsuit against the firm's former Chief Executive Jon Corzine, other senior executives and board directors on behalf of themselves and current and former employees who acquired stock in the company while Corzine led the firm. The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, alleges that the defendants provided false information regarding the company's financial condition and made statements that artificially inflated the stock price." Jon Corzine and the board breached their fiduciary duty to their employees and destroyed their careers and retirement savings," Jacob Zamansky, lead counsel for the plaintiffs, said in an email. - Zerohedge

The debate between Bernie Madoff and Jon Corzine comes down to who is protected by the powers that be and who isn't.  Bernie had the hammer brought down on him, while Corzine to this point has been touched with kid gloves.  However, for employees who lost everything because of the massive fraud implemented by the former CEO, they could care less about his political connections and appear to want to make him pay in civil court, which is outside the jurisdiction of his friends Biden and Obama.

Americans lining up for foodstamps like there is no tomorrow

Food stamp recipients just crossed 46 million Americans in the latest report from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  Last month, 120,000 Americans may have found a job, but 423,000 fell below the income limits and became eligible for the EBT.

Makes us all want to pull out our Karaoke machines and sing our EBT anthem.

Hockey fans have the most entertaining ways of giving to charity

Many hockey fans know tradition of throwing hats (or octopi in the case of Detroit) onto the ice in recognition for scoring a hat trick in a game.  The traditon of throwing things onto the ice however, is not limited to idol worship as these fans in Calgary prove.  For the 17th year in a row, fans of the Calgary Hitmen show their philanthropic side during the Christmas season by throwing stuffed animals onto the ice after the first goal.

Who says you can't have fun giving to charity?  The 25,000+ stuffed animals and teddy bears will be going to a great cause, as they will provide gifts to children's hospitals.  And in giving, these hockey fans certainly have a ball doing so.

Middle East tensions bring rising oil prices as crude crosses $102 per barrel

As tensions in the Middle East, particularly Iran and Syria, continue to boil, the growing price of oil remains the constant consequence to the West for intervening in the affairs of oil nations.

With WTI breaking $102 and Brent over $111 this morning, driven by Iran and Syria tensions, it would seem tough for a nation exporting its way to success, that is so dependent on both domestic consumer and energy to grow 'as expected' with energy premia so high - or perhaps the justification is the energy sector will carry the S&P through the next quarter as earnings expectations are cut. Nevertheless, as Reuters points out, the risk of supply disruptions remains high. - Zerohedge

Couple this with new predictions for 2012 by Bank of America for $250 oil, and the future for the economy has taken another hit that will deepen the recession (or depression) we are currently in.

Vice President Joe Biden brings encouragement to the Greeks by joking about bailouts

Joe Biden is not the sharpest tool in the shed, in fact, it is well documented that plagarism is not just a random occurrance for the US Vice-President, but an addiction.  However, this did not keep the bumbling buffoon from joking about the plight of the Greek peoples, in a statement that intimated he came bearing gifts (bailouts).

(Joe Biden's plagarism documented)

Vice President Joe Biden, now best known for being the man who relies primarily on Jon Corzine for financial advice, continued his recent roll of epic linguistic blunders this morning. As Reuters reports, the VP, "joked during a visit to debt-choked Athens on Monday about bringing money to help Greece out of its deepest financial crisis in decades. Introducing a member of his delegation during a meeting with Greek President Karolos Papoulias, Biden said: "This man represents the Treasury department. He's brought hundreds of millions of dollars." His comments drew laughs from both the Greek and U.S. delegations." - Zerohedge

It is a sad state of affairs that when the western world is grasping for even a modicum of leadership, the US diplomacy corps sends in the clown.

Friday, December 2, 2011

New jobs numbers not what they seem as they actually lose traction despite the lower unemployment rate

This has been the week of the 4-sigma manipulation for the Obama administration regarding government reports.  No investor with half a brain cell ever relies upon them anymore, and the hoopla today from the jobs report is just another indicator that truth out of Washington is simply a Orwellian drama.

And every time we rerun this calculation, the number of jobs that has to be created to get back to baseline increases: First it was 245,500 in April, then 250,000 in June, then 254,000 in July then 261,200 in October [and finally 262,500 in November] . As of today, following the just announced "beat" of meager NFP expectations, this number has has just risen to an all time high 262,500 263,700. This means that unless that number of jobs is created each month for the next 5 years, America will have a higher unemployment rate in October 2016 than it did in December 2007. How realistic is it that the US economy can create 15.8 million jobs in the next 61 60 months? We leave that answer up to the US electorate." - Zerohedge

The primary reason for the drop in unemployment was tied to two factors... one, and increase in TEMP JOBS due to the holiday shopping season, and secondly, a MASSIVE drop in the number of people on the unemployment clain roles who dropped off and now arent counted on any record.

MF Global CEO and friend to the Obama administration called to testify before Congress

Well, the only question left for the American people besides 'show me the money' in the MF Global theft and scandal is whether Congress will actually hold former CEO Jon Corzine accountable, or if this is just another Mozilla dog and pony show in front of the cameras.

Lest we forget of course, Jon Corzine is as vested an insider as they come, and is extremely tied to the Obama administration as an economic advisor, and campaign fundraiser... so if any charges do come against the corrupt Goldman Sachs CEO, governor of New Jersey, and all around friend to Obama, the pardon card may already be sitting there letting the ink dry.

Ticketmaster settlement: Everyone who bought tickets could receive a rebate

After several years of litigation, a settlement against Ticketmaster for imposing surcharges on customers without their knowledge has finally been ruled upon.  Beginning next year, everyone who bought a ticket through their online or retail stores could receive accumulated credits towards ticket purchases.

Because of a proposed class action settlement, Ticketmaster is being forced to credit $1.50 per ticket order (up to 17 orders) to customers due to the fact that they profited off of "processing fees" without declaring as much.
And despite the reparations, Ticketmaster can continue to profit off transactions — they just have to say they're doing so on their website. - Yahoo Finance

A boon for concert goers indeed, but the question remains... who kept their receipts going back a decade or more?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Peter Schiff explains in easy terms what QE3 and the Fed's intervention will do

Financial manager Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific did a video blog yesterday on the Fed currency intervention, and start of backdoor QE3 to the markets.  In understandable terms, the repurcussions will result in this:  The dollar will weaken, inflation will rise, and gold will soar. Gold was up more than $30 today, and the dollar got crushed.

Here is the 5 minute video blog.

Economic martial law: Gerald Celente predicts US financial crackdown in early 2012

In a recent interview with Lew Rockwell, trends forecaster Gerald Celente laid out his view of where the US financial and banking system is headed, especially as global debt starts to consume banks and nations at a faster and faster rate.

"its coming down... I dont care who your money's with, its not safe unless you have it."

"And my belief, and this is going to be a Top Trend of 2012, is that, in the new year, they are going to bring down the gavel on the system.  They are going to pump it up to soak every last penny from the suckers to spend money on Christmas stuff they dont need.  And after that, after the Christmas holiday's over, then were going to get the bank holiday... some form, whether its that or not, some form of economic martial law."

You can listen to the entire interview below, and this specific prediction begins at the 17:53 mark.