The Israel Deception

Is the return of Israel in the 20th century truly a work of God, or is it a result of a cosmic chess move to deceive the elect by the adversary?

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fed President cites need for QE4 even before QE3 is finished

If there ever was validated proof that the entire financial system was reliant upon, and held together solely by central bank money printing, today was absolute confirmation.  On Oct. 14, San Francisco Fed President John Williams stated that a new round of QE (4, 5, 6?) would be needed once again should inflation benchmarks not be reached in the economy in the coming weeks.  And most notably, with oil, stock, and bond prices collapsing at incredible speeds, any form of Quantitative Easing needed to address asset deflation would make the bailouts of 2008 appear to be like the spare change one might give a beggar on a street corner in Manhattan.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

QE was simply another form of bailout for insolvent banks

On Feb. 3, economist and statistician Rob Kirby was a guest on Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog network.  During the 39 minute interview, Kirby blows the door wide open on the true purpose for Quantitative Easing 3(QE3), and says that empirical data shows that the entire scheme was created to provide another trillion dollar bailout of the banks, which were officially insolvent from their collection of worthless Mortgage Backed Security (MBS) holdings.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bernanke and Fed launch QE4evr

On Sept. 13, the markets waited with baited breath for Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to usher in the Fed's response to save what little is left of the American economy.  In his announcement, Bernanke did not fail, as the central bank has chosen the path of eradicating all traces of a once great nation and empire.






  • Chart courtesy of Zerohedge

    What this means in laymans terms is not the introduction of QE3, but instead the implementation of QE4evr.

    Operation Twist never really ended for the Federal Reserve, which was the purchasing of $45 billion in MBS per month.  Now, the central bank will be buying an additional $40 billion, which equates to $1 trillion per year, and do so until unemployment falls to levels mandated by the Fed Charter (around 6%).

    Since the U.S. does not have an industrial and manufacturing base anymore, and buying mortgage bonds (MBS) when people can't afford to buy new or used homes on the market, means that there is only one truism that will result in the Fed's actions today.

    Inflation.  Lots of inflation.  Inflation forever.

    Wednesday, September 12, 2012

    Los Angeles bank robbers channel their inner Fed Bernanke QE3

    In an interesting day of rubbernecking on American television, a station out of Los Angeles streamed live a police chance of bank robbers who got away with around $25000 from a Bank of America branch.

    However, these soon to be convicts seemed to have a change of heart on what to do with the money, and in preparation for tomorrow's Fed announcement, the robbers channeled their Ben Bernanke on Sept. 12, and started throwing the cash out the window like in one of Big Ben's helicopters.

    Once upon a time we thought that literally throwing cash out of rapidly moving objects was a privilege strictly reserved for Fed chairmen. Not any more. Moments ago, a car chase in South Los Angeles went horribly right, when two bank thieves who managed to find a Bank of America branch which actually had cash in it, and robbed it, proceeded to throw cash out of the moving car as it was being chased by a cohort of cops. Since the getaway car happened to be a Volvo, they naturally failed to get away, but not before they became local Robin Hood-type heroes to the massive gathering of gawkers all of whom would appear gainfully employed if only they were not just standing there, doing nothing, and hoping to steal the already stolen money in a major LA intersection at 11:30 am local time on a Wednesday. - Zerohedge

    Tuesday, September 4, 2012

    Silver inventories shrinking as many banks refuse to supply metal for buyers

    The silver train is leaving the station, and after months of manipulated pressure to keep prices down, the metal has made a strong comeback of over $5 in just the past month.  In fact, the pressure is becoming so great, banks such as Scotiabank are begging customers NOT to request delivery of physical silver, as the start reality is, many don't have the very assets they are selling.

    Below is a video of a recent transaction for investors to by physical silver, and Scotiabank trying desperately to tell the brokers not to buy physcial silver, and that it is a bad investment for them.

    In a recent interview with investor Jim Rogers, the billionaire commodities king believes that the Fed and Ben Bernanke are already pumping money into the system through and unannounced QE3, and this will lead both gold and silver to astronomical levels in the coming month.

    The silver train is now leaving the station, and sadly, for all those people who tried to catch a falling knife, and hope silver dropped to $20 an ounce, your time for the deal of a the century at $27 is now long gone.

    Tuesday, February 21, 2012

    Gold surges once again back over $1750 an ounce

    Gold responded this morning to the validation of a Greek bailout by moving up more than $20 to a nominal high of $1758.  This break over $1750 is in response to the bailout being tied to new and massive money printing required by the central banks to save Greece.

    …we said "As a reminder, when gold was at $1900 last summer, central banks had pumped about $2 trillion less into the markets. We expect the market to grasp this discrepancy shortly." With gold about $30 bucks higher, the market is finally starting to "grasp it", and is now back to $1755, as silver passes $34. - Zerohedge

    $1800 should not be too far away as the next round of QE infinity begins to bail out the system once again.

    Friday, February 10, 2012

    PIMCO makes huge bet that Fed will monetize MBS

    The world's largest bond insurer PIMCO has decided that not only will the Fed eventually monetize Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), but will have no choice in the action.  They believe it so much that they have borrowed $88 billion to buy MBS's above what they currently control.

    That's putting your money where your mouth is for sure.

    ...has meant one thing and one thing only: betting on the Fed monetizing Mortgage Backed Securities or bust. Well, in January he just took it to a whole new level. The fund has now borrowed a record $88 billion, or -35% of its AUM, in cash (shows how much he things of the dollar) and used the proceeds (together with dumping European sovereign bonds from 18% to 11% of AUM) to bet on MBS which now stood at a whopping 50% of the entire portfolio - the highest since July 2009 when QE1 was in full force. However, in absolute dollar terms, due to the growth of the fund's AUM, the actual bet on MBS has never been bigger, and at $125 billion, represents the biggest notional bet ever made by PIMCO. Treasury holdings of just over $100 billion with an effective duration of 6.33 complete the epic bet that the fund has now put on QE3. - Zerohedge

    Saturday, January 7, 2012

    As the Euro turns

    Not more than a month after the US Federal Reserve tried to backdoor bailout Europe and the Euro by lowering the dollar swap-rates, the western currency has fallen well below its level at the time of the Fed intervention, and is falling towards the dangerous levels of 125.

    Because of this inevitable fall, short action in the markets on the Euro is at an all-time, thus increasing the pressure on the Euro Zone, and the central bank's ability to purchase dollars.

    The trend of relentless shorting of the Euro currency in the form of non-commercial spec contracts, and as reported by the Commitment of Traders, continues for one more week. As of January 3, EUR shorts rose by another 9%, hitting an unprecedented 138,909 net contracts short - a fresh all time record. What is curious that unlike previously, when an increase in EUR bearishness implicitly meant a increase in USD bullishness, this time that is no longer the case as net spec USD contracts actually declined, and are trading at relatively subdued levels. - Zerohedge

    With this increased pressure on the downside, the markets are almost forcing the ECB and the Fed to intervene... and intervene soon.  These same short traders may very quickly reverse course if an whiff of QE3 comes to the forefront.

    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    Peter Schiff explains in easy terms what QE3 and the Fed's intervention will do

    Financial manager Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific did a video blog yesterday on the Fed currency intervention, and start of backdoor QE3 to the markets.  In understandable terms, the repurcussions will result in this:  The dollar will weaken, inflation will rise, and gold will soar. Gold was up more than $30 today, and the dollar got crushed.

    Here is the 5 minute video blog.

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    Goldman Sachs says to stay in gold and forecasts much higher prices

    Goldman Sachs has come out with a forecast on gold and other commodities that bears witness to much higher prices.  Their assessment of a QE3 coming in 2012 leaves no doubt that low interest rates and higher inflation make the precious metals the only wealth protection available.

    For what it's worth, Goldman likes gold. "Consumers: We expect gold prices to continue to climb in 2011 given the current low level of US real interest rates. Further, with our US economics team now forecasting slower US economic growth in 2011 and 2012, we expect US real interest rates to remain lower for longer, supporting higher gold prices through 2012. Consequently, we recommend near-dated consumer hedges in gold through 2012. Producers: With gold prices expected to continue to climb through 2012, we find hedging opportunities less attractive for gold producers at this time." In other news, Goldman also likes Silver, Copper, Zinc, WTI and Brent. In other words: QE3 is coming. - Zerohedge
    Seeing as Goldman Sachs is a member institution of the Fed, we kind of think they have an insight into the policies to come for the dollar.