The Israel Deception

Is the return of Israel in the 20th century truly a work of God, or is it a result of a cosmic chess move to deceive the elect by the adversary?

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Russia adds another feather to its cap in war against the dollar

In the business world, there are three ways to conduct a transaction.  First, there is a negotiated plan where both sides achieve exactly what they want and are happy with the terms of the deal.  Secondly, there are deals that involve one side offering incentives to the other side, giving the second party a short-term advantage in the hopes by the first party that they will win out in the long-term.

Then there is the take it or leave it proposal, where original agreements are torn up and one side chooses to renegotiate terms based on their inherent or earned power over the other party.  It is this third option that Russia‚Äôs oil conglomeration is now offering first voluntarily to its customers, and later with the intrinsic threat that those who choose not to accept the new terms will be forced to cede to them in the future, or find an alternative that will be far more costly.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Jim WIllie: U.S. is going to have to split and devalue the dollar for separate foreign and domestic use

Dr. Jim Willie, statistician, economist, and publisher the Hat Trick newsletter, spoke in an interview with USA Watchdog on Sept. 8 regarding the G20, Syria, and the status of the coming alternative currencies.  In the interview, Willie noted that not only is the world isolating the U.S. in regards to their foreign policy agenda, but they are forcing the U.S. to have to adapt to a new currency system where they will no longer have global control in a petrodollar.  This action could also mean the U.S. having to split their debt backed money, which would lead to a devaluation and massive rise in inflation at home.
This split would entail there being a dollar strictly for domestic use, which would bring instant inflation to American consumers, and an international dollar that foreigners who hold dollar reserves can deal with outside of Fed monetization.
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