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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Leprechauns are real as Ireland government to issue free gold to its citizens and foreigners of Irish descent in wake of Brexit

It appears that on April 1 two 'myths' are quickly being proved out as a new program being forged by the Irish government will see the distribution of at least one ounce of gold to every Irish citizen, and foreigners of Irish descent in the wake of Brexit.

The two myths we speak about of course are that gold is truly money and a store of wealth, and that the spirit of the Leprechaun is alive in well on the Emerald Isle.

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In an unprecedented move the Irish government is issuing and dispatching a free gold coin to all Irish citizens and foreign persons of Irish heritage. 
In a controversial move, the Ministry of Finance plans for Irish people to own at least 1 ounce of gold bullion. The Irish Finance Minister said the “little people” were exposed due to the many risks that Brexit poses to Irish companies and the Irish economy and indeed the risks posed to the EU and the euro itself. 
Irish politicians on the left have criticised the move as being “too generous.” They said that wealthy Irish Americans should not benefit from the move given that there is a homeless crisis in Ireland and given that the state was still close to bankruptcy. 
Speaking on condition of anonymity the Irish Finance Minster Mr D. O’Gill stated in his Constituency office of Donaghue’s Bar on Baggot Street:
“Sure if the Brits leave us alone to fight the mad Germans and French Looney’ in Europe, sure we will be awful trouble and it won’t belong before the whole Euro project goes up in flames, a bit of gold in the hand will do wonders to calm nerves and keep the party going”
All Irish people and those who claim Irish descent should register at the local Irish consulate. The Irish Embassy in Washington is expecting significant interest and Irish Americans began queuing the Embassy last night. - Goldcore
Currently the population of Ireland is around 4.74 million, with of course tens of millions (80 million as of the turn of the 21st century) of individuals of Irish descent living around the world, and in particular in the United States.  This means that at the current price of €1,162.14 per ounce of gold, the total cost to the Irish Treasury to facilitate this program would come out to around €92.6 billion.

Oh and by the way... April Fools!

Monday, July 11, 2016

How using the model can earn you free gold through Karatbars

50 some odd years ago when you said network marketing, most people instantly thought of Amway or Tupperware... and some in fact may have even had visions of Bob Hope doing commercials to sell products under the Amway banner.

But the pyramid schemes and top down models of network marketing have mostly gone the way of the dodo bird, and instead have been replaced by a more beneficial model that is known in many corners as the model. created an affiliate referral approach that allows people to post ads of products on their blogs or websites and receive earnings and compensation when readers of their site click on these ads, and/or buy products from the e-commerce company.  And this model has been so successful that it has been labeled the best and most popular referral program on the web, and in many ways has been duplicated by other companies looking to help create financial independence for their own affiliates.

With the global financial and banking systems nearly failing in 2008, and are once again sitting on the cusp of insolvency eight years later, the most secure way to protect your money and wealth has been to move it out of devaluing currencies and into physical gold.

Yet because most people today really can't afford to buy an ounce of gold for $1360 or more at its current price, many have been seeking ways to be able to accumulate the monetary metal without having to indebt themselves through the process.

Live 24 hours gold chart [Kitco Inc.]

And that is where a company called Karatbars comes in.  Starting in 2009, or just a year after the global financial and banking systems experienced catastrophic meltdown, a business model was born that sought to get affordable gold into the hands of every person by selling it not in ounces, but in gram sizes.

And to help accommodate this goal, Karatbars latched onto an affiliate referral program that has many components taken from the model, and is allowing customers to earn money, free gold, and commissions simply by referring others to buy gold from them.

And it can be done without having to buy an affiliate package, or purchase anything yourself.

In essence, one can simply refer others to the company, and if they purchase gold, you can earn enough over time to buy your own gold at no cost to yourself.

Here is a video that explains how you can earn free gold by simply referring others to sign up and buy gold from Karatbars.

And beginning this year, and especially as gold prices have soared by more than 25%, Karatbars has introduced derivative gold amounts, such as 1/10th, 1/4, and 1/2 of a gram to make buying affordable gold even better.
If you want to know more about this opportunity to protect your wealth, purchase money which has been the most recognized around the world for 5000 years, or just want to learn about earning free gold without a single cost to you, click on the link below and select Affiliate and sign up today.