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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Karatbars: The only home business where you earn money from buying money

Network marketing or affiliate marketing is an industry that has not only shaped American small business for the past 100 years, but it has evolved exponentially with the advent of the internet.  In fact, from the days of Avon, Tupperware, and Amway, where people had to go door to door, or throw parties to sell their products, today's home businesses require limited or no product warehousing, and can be accomplished from a keyboard with only a small amount of capital to get started.

Most network of affiliate marketing companies are engineered to sell consumer products such as essential oils, health care supplements, and even second hand goods if you are an affiliate marketer with a company like Amazon.  But what if there was a business that you could own that provided a solution in the realm of finance and investment, and offered customers and entrepreneurs a way to achieve a nearly zero loss investment in the products they purchase?  By this I mean, what if what they bought each week, month, quarter was worth the same or more at the end of the month, unlike an empty shampoo bottle or an empty container of weight loss powder?

Imagine a company that you could earn money by recruiting customers and business builders to use their fiat paper currency to buy MONEY!  Real money, and both you and they could earn money for teaching other people how to buy money.

A true Zero sum loss investment.

That is exactly what you have with Karatbars.  A company that allows people to become business owners, but unlike most other network marketing company out there, only Karatbars provides incentives that go far beyond the simply buying of a product that retains its value since it is real money, recognized in every country around the world.

With Karatbars you can earn commissions, both from recruiting others to become business builders themselves or by having them sign up as a customer and purchase gold as an investment, savings, or retirement plan.  In addition, Karatbars goes beyond simply selling members a product, as they also create for you a free e-wallet, that works just like an international offshore bank account, and a pre-loadable debit MasterCard that can be used in any currency, and in any country that accepts this world famous financial instrument.

On top of this, Karatbars protects you, your affiliates, and your customers from the restrictions and pitfalls of geo-politics, which as we saw in the United States during the 1930's, led to a gold confiscation and restriction of ownership by the people for about 40 years.  This is done by Karatbars giving you the option of either having your gold delivered directly to you, or stored for free in their vaults, and the accessibility to have it shipped to you at any time.

And if you need to liquidate your money (gold) for another form of money (dollars), then that is an option as well and can be done with just a few clicks from your mouse in your e-wallet and free account.

Karatbars is free to signup with, but unlike most other network or affiliate marketing companies, does not require a monthly purchase to remain in good standing.  However, the whole goal of protecting your wealth and savings is to move it out of paper (dollars) and into a hard asset (gold), and you always have the power over what you choose to spend, purchase, and accumulate.

There are also 7 ways to make money in Karatbars, and several options to choose from.  And even if you are not a natural salesman, if you can find two... just two people interested in owning their own business and doing the same thing as you are, then that will be enough to grow your business to the point where you can easily make six figures per year sitting in the confines of your own home.

(An example of just 1 of the 7 ways you can earn money with Karatbars)

As with all businesses, there are always initial costs to build it.  But how many businesses can earn you weekly commissions of $4259 simply buy using money to purchase money, and showing others how they can do the same thing?  And with purchasing a silver commission package from the example above, and by investing approximately $325-400... (the cost of taking a family to see a single professional football game), you could easily earn that seed money back in an incredibly short amount of time, and from then on, every bit of earnings, as well as your own gold purchases, could come strictly from your future commissions.

To find out more about Karatbars, and to sign up with a free account as a customer (gold buyer), or an affiliate (business builder and gold buyer), click on the link below.

And by signing up here, you will never be left without support.  Just ask many of the people who live on the island of Aruba as one example, where 10.5% of the entire population is either a customer, or affiliate business owner in Karatbars.

*Karatbars was opened in 2011, and is in over 75 countries throughout the world.*

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Inflation: Nearly half of Americans make less today than in 1968

If you were to dollar cost average the wages Americans earned from 1968 to the present, adjusting for inflation and the Federal Reserve's devaluation of the dollar in that time, you would find that nearly 40% of all Americans who earn a minimum wage or less in 2013, earn much less than someone who made a minimum wage income 45 years ago.

Back in 1968, the minimum wage in the United States was $1.60 an hour.  That sounds very small, but after you account for inflation a very different picture emerges.  Using the inflation calculator that the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides, $1.60 in 1968 is equivalent to $10.74 today. 

And of course the official government inflation numbers have been heavily manipulated to make inflation look much lower than it actually is, so the number for today should actually be substantially higher than $10.74, but for purposes of this article we will use $10.74.  If you were to work a full-time job at $10.74 an hour for a full year (with two weeks off for vacation), you would make about $21,480 for the year. 

That isn't a lot of money, but according to the Social Security Administration, 40.28% of all workers make less than $20,000 a year in America today. - Economic Collapse Blog

So if you wondered why 4 out of 5 Americans now live in poverty, are jobless, or receive some form of welfare assistance, all you have to do is look at the Federal Reserve and Federal government, and realize that all problems in our economic lives lay at the feet of these two entities.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Leading CEO of a home builder says rising rates are causing home buying decline

On July 25, the CEO of D.R. Horton addressed shareholders in an earnings conference call, and said explicitly that rising interest rates are draining the market of home buyers, and that the rapid rate rise is an unexpected shock to the industry.


  • Rising interest rates is the biggest fear the Federal Reserve has had since their implementation of quantitative easing, and six years after bringing Fed rates down to almost 0, the market is now breaking upwards on its own. This uncontrolled rise in rates means that central bank polices have crossed over the technical line, where priming the monetary pump no longer provides the shelter against inflation and currency devaluation.

    Since the Housing Bubble and credit crisis of 2007/2008, the Fed has been primarily seeking to rebuild the housing and stock markets, under the illusion that wealth gained there would trickle down into all parts of the economy.  Unfortunately, when you use old tools and programs for new crises, the end result is what we have seen over the past six years... a temporary Band-Aid to stem a flood that is not only virulent, but has grown much worse because of the Doctors proscribed medicine.