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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

China to challenge both the LBMA and Comex through the creation of a new gold and silver futures trading platform

The London Metals Exchange, which is a Hong Kong owned subsidiary out of London, is ready to take on the Western futures markets by introducing their own gold and silver trading platform starting on July 10.

This new program by the LME will function on the London markets and provide a fully functional futures trading market in which investors can settle for both cash, or physical gold and silver delivery.

London Metal Exchange, a subsidiary of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, will launch gold and silver spot and futures trading in London on July 10 in a bid to capture the increasing demand for trading of precious metals in London, the exchange said on Monday. 
The LME gold and silver product will launch at a time when HKEX is planning to introduce gold futures in the third quarter of this year should it secure approval from the Securities and Futures Commission. The trading in the two markets however, would remain separate, and there will be no cross trading. 
“The HKEX and the LME gold products would be traded in different markets and different time zone,” said Kate Eded, LME head of precious metals who was speaking at a workshop in Hong Kong on Monday. 
The gold and silver contracts to be launched at the LME would be traded in US dollar which will include spot trading and trading of future contracts with a maturity of up to five years. Investors could choose cash or physical settlement. Five banks including Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs would help quote prices to maintain liquidity of the markets. - South China Morning Post
Unlike the LBMA, and especially with the U.S. based Comex, these markets are primarily used for derivative paper trading and rarely perform any actual metal deliveries.  And with the LME being tied to both Hong Kong and London, the potential for China to eventually usurp control over the global price for gold and silver from the LBMA and the Comex moves another step closer as true metals investors will find it more favorable to migrate to an exchange that deals with physical deliveries of actual metals.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Shanghai Gold Exchange to launch new platform to streamline trading and delivery of gold purchases

The Shanghai Gold Exchange announced on April 28 that they are launching a new platform known as the GEMS-2 Platform which will both change the designation and access on the exchange for brokers and traders, and streamline the trading and delivery of physical gold.

The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), the world’s largest physical gold exchange, is set to launch its GEMS-2 trading system on May 2nd, 2017, a measure that it said will benefit both China’s domestic gold market and the global precious metals market. 
SGE said in a circular that the launch of GEMS-2 platform will introduce the concept of Seat as the principle business unit of each member. As such, the concept of former propriety account and brokerage account will be converted to propriety seat and brokerage seat. This is in addition to splitting the former trader and brokerage codes to represent its propriety seat. 
Aimed at finding the market-wide price in the world’s No.1 gold mining and importing nation, SGE has added 3 new market orders on the basis of the former limit order: five best prices fill-or-kill orders (five best prices FOK orders), five best prices fill-and-kill orders (five best prices FAK order) and five best prices immediate-to-limit orders. - Finance Magnates

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

China may finally be making its move to clean out the physical gold from the U.S. Comex

One of the more interesting dichotomies regarding the U.S. Commodities Exchange (Comex) is that for several years now, the institution has been selling futures contracts on precious metals like gold and silver and rarely ever delivering anything when the monthly expirations came due.  In fact, according to statistician and financial analyst Dr. Jim Willie, the Comex had only performed cash settlements for gold futures contracts and hasn't actually delivered any metal for more than two years.

But this may be changing.

Entering into the June delivery month, Chinese gold contracts at the Comex have suddenly shifted into the deliverable category, rather than simply being rolled over at the time of expiration like they have for the past few years, and it could very well mean that the time for China to drain the Comex of all its gold is finally at hand.

The June gold contract is an active contract and the second biggest delivery month of the year following December. Friday night, the bankers first day delivery issuance to our longs to be settled on June 1 was huge: the number was  3,508 gold notices for 350,800 oz or 10.9 tonnes of gold. On day two, we had another huge number of gold notices filed at 2281 for 228100 oz or 7.09 tonnes of gold. 
On day 3,THURSDAY, we had another whopper of 1969 notices for 196,900 oz or 6.12 tonnes. 
FRIDAY, saw another huge 1026 notices filed for 102600 oz (3.19 tonnes). Then on 
Friday night we had a whopping 2981 notices filed for Monday totaling 2981 contracts for 298,100 oz. 
The significance of this move is that according to the Comex, there are demands for delivery of 48 tons where the registered total available inside the exchange is only 50 tons.
We thus have 48.11 tonnes of gold standing for JUNE and 50.61 tonnes of registered gold for sale, waiting to serve upon those standing.  The bankers are still doing their best in cash settling as there is not enough registered gold to satisfy those that are standing.
Does this sudden demand for delivery after years of rolling over gold contracts now signal a move by China to drain the Comex and begin the transition to Shanghai to control the pricing of the precious metal?  I believe we shall soon find out.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

As central banks dump dollars and accumulate record levels of gold, outstanding demand for Comex delivery could finally bust the system

With the Fed flip-flopping around the mainstream media in an attempt to manipulate the dollar and force down the price of gold without ever having to implement an actual rate hike, central banks around the world are no longer fooled and are continuing to dump dollars at high rates.  And in their place, these same banks are continuing to accumulate gold at record levels to ensure their reserves remain intact.

But perhaps what may be even more interesting is that demand for gold delivery at the Comex is suddenly increasing to dangerous levels, and if the trend continues into the June delivery date, it could be enough to finally bust the Comex once and for all.

The May gold contract is a non active contract.  Yet we started the month with 5.67 tonnes of gold standing and it has increased every single day and today sits at 6.68 tonnes of gold standing: 
The amount standing for gold at the comex in May is simply outstanding at 6.8740 tonnes. The previous May 2015, we had only .08 tonnes standing so you can certainly witness the difference as the demand for gold by investors/sovereigns is on a torrid pace. This makes the excitement for June gold that much more intense as more players are refusing fiat and demanding only physical metal. 
I will be reporting daily as to how which is standing for delivery through the active month of June.  June is the second largest delivery month after December. - Silver Doctors
Meanwhile, as pressure builds to break the Comex, China is enlarging their control over the entire gold market through metal and mining acquisitions, vault purchases, and agreements with nations like Russia to expand the gold trade markets.
Not only is the Chinese central bank continuing to expand its gold reserves, the country is steadily becoming a major player in the world gold market. Earlier this month, the largest Chinese bank bought one of the biggest gold vaults in Europe, as it expands its influence on global gold trade. 
Central banks accounted for about 14% of the world’s gold demand last year.
As central banks continue to buy gold, many are dumping US debt. So far in 2016, global central banks have jettisoned $123 billion in US debt. Last year, they sold off $226 billion. According to the Treasury Department, central banks are selling US Treasuries at a pace not seen since at least 1978. - Schiffgold