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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Chinese central bank intimates that the Silk Road will be the means to wean the world off dollar hegemony

On May 11 Zhou Xiaochuan, a governor for the central bank of China, penned an article in which he emphasized that one of the key roles and purposes during the Silk Road construction is to accommodate loans and financing between member nations along the route using of their own bi-lateral currencies.

Citing the fact that having to use the dollar as a medium of exchange between different currencies is a hindrance to efficiency and would play a factor in causing currency instability and fluctuations, the representative of the central bank noted that the creation of this global trade route should not, and will not be simply a one-way street in which decisions are made through a singular authority.

China's central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said using local currencies for Belt and Road investments and financing will help reduce exchange rate fluctuations and ensure financial stability in those nations. 
Countries along the Belt and Road routes should promote financial connectivity to optimize resource allocation and provide a long-term and reliable backing for regional constructions, Zhou wrote in an article published on Thursday in the central bank's biweekly magazine China Finance. 
"Investment and financing shouldn't be understood as one-way support. The initiative is to build a common community with risk and benefit sharing through extensive consultation and joint contribution," he wrote. 
The infrastructural projects should be market oriented and ensure sustainability, the governor of the People's Bank of China (PBOC) noted. 
"China has explored a way of development financing." Zhou cited the China Development Bank as a good example in integrating resources, bridging the state with market and operating independently from government subsidy. - Sputnik News