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Thursday, September 29, 2016

China may look to use both barter and gold yuan to stabilize trade in a post-dollar world

The path towards ending dollar hegemony is already well under way, with China set to both enter into the SDR, and expand its use in global trade settlement.  But for countries that are cash strapped and wanting to transition away from the reserve currency, short and mid-term alternatives may be necessary to aid in the transition of a post-dollar world.

And China is currently in the process of implementing them.

Earlier this year the creators of the Silk Road initiative came to an agreement with the Thai government to build and expand their rail infrastructure using barter rather than dollars, and this, along with the implementation of a gold yuan currency, could be the blueprint for keeping the global economy going during the transition.

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In his March interview with CCTV the geostrategic analyst highlighted that China is "facilitating trade and development for Third World nations in ways major Western funders could not." Beijing is interested in boosting logistic networks in Eurasia and therefore it founded the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to fund the projects. 
Furthermore, "China may also offer barter trades in lieu of cash transactions for rail infrastructure projects, as was the case with Thailand. It seems to work. For cash-strapped economies, barter may emerge as an essential instrument of regional economic stability and a 'gold yuan' may help facilitate such a paradigm shift," Maavak elaborated speaking to Sputnik. - Sputnik News

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Got Karatbars? Alternative currencies in gold and outside a bank about to explode around the world

Dateline Greece:  After months of Greek depositors removing nearly $100 billion out of their banking system prior to a bank holiday, and the accepted bailout agreement by the government for more austerity at the hands of the Troika, a growing number of citizens are conducting day to day business using an alternative currency and barter system known as the TEM.
Christos Papaioannounoticed his car needed new tires, the Greek computer engineer bought them with euros—but used an alternative currency, called TEM, to pay his mechanic for the labor. 
“Money is sparse right now, but people still have the same skills and knowledge they had before the crisis,” said Mr. Papaioannou, part of a cooperative that founded TEM in the port city of Volos and one of nearly 1,000 registered users of the alternate currency there.TEM—a sophisticated form of barter whose name is the Greek acronym for Local Alternative Unit—was founded in 2010 in the early months of Greeceā€™s debt crisis with less than a dozen members. 
Now it includes dozens of participating local businesses that use the system to sell goods and services, including prepared food, haircuts, doctor visits, or even for renting an apartment. - Liberty Blitzkreig
Dateline Argentina: Institution of black market currency (Dolar Blue) growing in stature due to failure of national currency and economic policies.
Argentina was ruled in default of its debt in July after it defied a U.S. court order and refused to pay a group of hedge fund creditors.  That, however, is only a small part of Argentina's problems. The "economic reasons" for the underground peso's historic jump that Kicillof dismissed are very, very real. And the dolar blue market rate is no tiny market in the country. 
Regular Argentines use it every day, underground blue dolar exchanges aren't hard to find, and it's estimated that $10 million U.S. dollars are exchanged on the black market daily.- Business Insider
These two nations are not exactly economic powerhouses that proliferate the G20, however they are a microcosm of the growing sentiment people are having against fiat money, and trust in the banking system.

There is a reason why digital and crypto currencies like Bitcoin were invented, and why alternatives to the dollar, euro, and other central bank run currencies are growing when governments show time and time again that they are unable to deal with economic issues besides the printing of more currency, which has been proven to only exacerbate the problem.

Yet the black market and locally introduced barter currencies are not the answer to resolving monetary destruction for the long run, and are simply the means by which the people can survive in their given locations day to day.  And since even Bitcoin is relatively new in the consumer landscape, and not readily accepted by most businesses and individuals, that leaves us with limited options on where to look for a monetary construct that is both outside the banking system, and available for both local and international trade in a form of money that is both sound, and recognized everywhere.

And the option that is most relevant is also the option that is most historic... and that is a gold backed monetary system.  And while governments of major economies fight tooth and nail to avoid going back to this form of money, and instead try to salve a failed currency system based on debt, companies outside the banking system are taking their own initiatives to create a monetary system that is not only fungible to paper currencies, but backed by a hard asset recognized as money for 5000 years.


And what is one of those companies that has not only built a platform for consumer trade in every available currency, but is also outside the banking system and backed by the most stable monetary asset known to man?

That company is Karatbars.

Buying gold through Karatbars is one of the easiest things on the net.  In fact, the business model of Karatbars is to sell gold in affordable quantities, such as 1, 2.5, and 5 gram increments, and allow customers to get into the metal without having to shell out $1200+ for a single ounce coin.

And as added perks to signing up with Karatbars, as a customer or affiliate, you can have the power to move your money into a free e-wallet that functions just like an offshore bank account, and is outside the authority of the banking system.  From there, you can take your fiat currency in any denomination... dollars, euros, yen, etc... and purchase physical gold which can either be delivered directly to you, or stored for free at one of Karatbar's vaults.

Additionally, any gold that you buy can easily be sold back to Karatbars, or any metals dealer, and if with Karatbars it is then exchanged for currency that is uploaded to you through a pre-loaded debit Mastercard which is connected directly to your e-wallet.  And as we know, MasterCard is recognized in nearly every country around the world, and usable in any currency that accepts it.

But perhaps the best feature with Karatbars is their affiliate program, where you can earn money off commissions from getting others to sign up and become a customer or affiliate.  Not only do you receive commissions from their purchasing of physical gold, but you also earn commissions from anyone who buys a commission package, with that money going directly into your debit MasterCard when you have enough units to cycle.

Imagine the ability to earn the money in which to buy your gold savings simply by purchasing a commission affiliate package one time, and then getting others to sign up and do the same thing.

How many businesses or entrepreneurs can build an infinite business with spending less than $400 of their own money?  And there is never a mandatory requirement to buy beyond what you desire, on your own schedule.  And there is nothing to lose, because you're using money (paper dollars) to buy gold (physical money) and in the end you don't lose a thing.

The global financial system, along with dozens of respected economists, are telling us that now is the time for the end of our current form of money, and the beginning of the transition into a new monetary system that is expected to be backed by gold.  And with banks, governments, and even Harvard professors mandating that central banks have no choice but to eliminate cash from usage by the people to stave off collapse, will you wait until it is too late to make a decision on how you will protect your wealth, and be able to function within the coming new monetary system?

To learn more about Karatbars, you can contact the individual who sent you this article, and click on their referral link to open a free account and begin buying, or building your own gold savings or business with the company of the future.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Iran looks to overcome sanctions through international barter

As the US and European nations seek to force Iran to the negotiating table over their nuclear program through economic sanctions, the Middle Eastern nation appears to have created a contingency plan in dealing with this.

The barter system... which has been in the works for months between Iran, China, and India.

Yet going back to the Reuters story, it would be quite dramatic, if only it was not the case that Iran has been laying the groundwork for a barter economy for many months now, something which various other analysts perceive as the basis for the destruction of the petrodollar system. Perhaps regular readers will recall that back in July, we wrote an article titled "China And Iran To Bypass Dollar, Plan Oil Barter System." Specifically, we wrote that "according to the FT, China has decided to commence a barter system in which Iranian oil is exchanged directly for Chinese exports. The net result: not only a slap for the US Dollar, but implicitly for all fiat intermediaries, as Iran and China are about to prove that when it comes to exchanging hard resources for critical Chinese goods and services, the world's so called reserve currency is completely irrelevant." Seen in this light the fact that Iran is actually proceeding with a barter system, something that had been in the works for quite a while, actually puts the Reuters story in a totally different light: instead of one predicting the imminent demise of the Iranian economy, the conclusion is inverted, and underscores the culmination of what may have been an extended barter preparation period, has finally gone from beta to (pardon the pun) gold, and Iran is now successfully engaging in global trade without the use of the historical reserve currency. - Zerohedge

While the US continues to putt around playing checkers in foreign policy, China, India, and the land that actually invented the game (Persia/Iran) play chess.  Economic sanctions may actually be more the detriment to the US as it could quickly force the hand of Iran and China to bypass the dollar and petro-dollar, and open up oil sales in a much different currency.