The Israel Deception

Is the return of Israel in the 20th century truly a work of God, or is it a result of a cosmic chess move to deceive the elect by the adversary?

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Here it comes... Europe begging the US for a bailout

Now that the Hopium of a Greek bailout is over, and the reality that the troika accomplished very little to save the Euro and Euro Zone, the next little piig(gie) is going beyond the ECB for help, and instead is looking for the US to provide the bailout.

Now it is Portugal's turn. Reuters reports that "Portugal asked Mexico on Saturday to tell fellow G20 members next week that the United States should offer "financial help" to resolve the euro zone sovereign debt crisis, describing it as a "systemic and global" problem, a Portuguese government source said." Of course, the "US" is a clear proxy for "everyone else" - Reuters via Zerohedge
Hey... we knew this was coming.  Now the question will be, will the Congress allow 2008 to comes again, and have taxpayers bailout European banks AND nations, or will the Fed be the one to step on, assuring an inflationary landscape that will create more turmoil than just Occupy Wall Street.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Activity on the Euro was the best medicine for gold and silver

As we mentioned within the past few days, the fall in gold and silver (paper) prices was tied primarily to a selloff by hedge funds, investment houses, and anyone who still had stocks due to the need for cash (primarily dollars).  Coupled with a 20 and 21% margin rate increase by the Hong Kong and CME exchanges respectively, and it is a no-brainer we got a short-term crushing of the metals.

And accordingly, all it took was for Europe to do ANYTHING that smelled of bailouts, easing, or flat-out money printing, and that rumor just so happened to begin last night.

Subsequently, gold is not up $80 from yesterdays low, and silver a WHOPPING $6 more, crossing $33.00 an ounce at the start of US trading.



Charts courtest of Zerohedge