Sunday, September 24, 2017

Gold backed cryptocurrencies? How about a new one that is backed by both gold and Bitcoin

While resource backed cryptocurrencies like OneGram, GoldMint, and LAToken are gaining alot of headway in the cryptocurrency sphere, non-backed cryptos like Bitcoin remain the standard in both market share and popularity.

So with this in mind, a new ICO is being launched that wants to back its cryptocurrency with not just physical gold, but also with Bitcoin itself.

Darico is an exciting new concept quickly coming to life. The Switzerland based project is working towards becoming the first digital currency to combine the benefits of bitcoin's growth potential, security and peace of mind offered by gold into a single cryptocurrency. The team, currently in the process of creating an entire "Investment ecosystem" is soon going to launch a crowdsale, offering an opportunity for people to become part of the new financial revolution. 
The cryptocurrency Darico stands for "Decentralized, Asset-backed, Return-focused, Investment-grade Coin". The cryptocurrency is backed by a unique combination of assets to potentially eliminate the volatility, otherwise associated with individual digital currencies like bitcoin and others. By doing so, the virtual currency not only ensures the best interests of the coin holders, but also attracts more people to adopt Darico, and in turn digital currencies. 
The multi-asset backed Darico is backed by a combination of gold and bitcoin, alongside Ether which further diversifies the reserves. Bitcoin and Gold reserves make up to 55% and 35% respectively. Bitcoin's assured growth in value over time is combined with the rock-solid price stability exhibited by gold. A small percentage of Ether reserves ensures that Darico is future-proofed, thanks to the growth potential of Ethereum protocol as it gains wide-spread adoption in the decentralized blockchain solutions segment. – Business Insider


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