Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bitcoin goes to school in New York City

On June 30, the co-founder of two Montessori schools in New York City created a new payment policy in which parents could fund their children's tuition using either cash or Bitcoin.

In fact, of the 300 students enrolled so far for the next school term, 10 of their parents have paid for their tuition with Bitcoin, and it appears that number will only increase in the future.

The head of two Montessori schools in New York won't let parents pay by credit card - but he is accepting Bitcoin. 
Marco Ciocca, co-founder and chairman of the Montessori Schools in Flatiron & Soho, added the option in June, after growing inquiries from parents. 
The decision comes as an increasing number of places - including universities in London and Greece - take the digital currency as payment. 
About 10 parents of the roughly 300 students have opted to pay in Bitcoin so far, Mr Ciocca said. 
He predicts that number will rise in coming years. 
"If we talk about just the sort of transactional ease... I think this form of payment will continue to grow," he said. - BBC


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