Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Post Brexit benefits continue as South Korea seeks new free trade agreement with Britain

Back in the days of slavery, having the shackles removed was both a fearful and hopeful time for those who had lived in bondage as the new world of freedom meant infinite possibilities, but also the realization that one was now responsible for their own choices and livelihoods.
This is exactly what voting to leave the European Union after several decades now means for the UK and for the British people.  And not unlike what the Russian people experienced following the fall of the Soviet Union, in the short-term the environment will be difficult, but in the long-term the outcome could lead to greater economic and social growth.
As the EU was a domineering and closed union, the centralized system stifled free trade and was intrinsically built to give advantages to some within Europe while leaving most others to wallow in economic stagnation.  But now that Britain has broken its own chains and started the ball rolling towards self-determination, nations and economies from around the world are preparing to commit to new trade agreements with the UK, since they no longer have to deal with a technocratic bureaucracy that more often than not fined foreign businesses rather than cultivated relationships with them.
free trade


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