Monday, August 18, 2014

Guerrilla Economist: America is the source of all the financial fraud in the entire world

On Aug. 15, V, the Guerrilla Economist was a guest of the Caravan to Midnight radio show hosted by John B. Wells.  During his two hour interview, V laid out the scenario that nearly all of the economic issues affecting both the U.S. and the world today are America’s doing, and that the U.S. period is the source of all the financial fraud occurring throughout the entire world.

John B. Wells: Ok, two points here to make us clear on this… you use the words corruption, and you said when we started doing these weird things like printing money like crazy…
When we do this so called Quantitative Easing, I take it that that means, well, is that the time when we start the printing presses rolling?
V, Guerrilla Economist: Oh Absolutely.  The printing presses were rolling way before they even announced Quantitative Easing.  People say that the Fed is not a proactive entity but that its a reactive entity, but I tend to disagree.  The Fed is very active… it’s proactive in destroying the U.S. economy.  The creation of bubbles, because of loose lending by the Fed, that’s been going on back to the Dot Com’s, Housing, the Tech Stocks, I mean, we’ve seen this whole entire thing before.


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