Monday, December 17, 2012

Gas prices drop below $3 per gallon in areas across the country

With the appearance of deflation entering into the U.S. economy, gas prices in a number of areas around the country are falling below $3 per gallon on Dec. 17.  From Tucson, Arizona, to Memphis, Tennessee, gas prices are nearing $2.80, with state averages holding steady at $3.10.


Sam's Club
4701 N Stone Ave near E River Rd - $2.82

2790 W Ruthrauff Rd & N Davis Ave - $2.83

6295 E 22nd St & S Wilmot Rd - $2.83


3161 S 3rd St & E Brooks Rd - $2.82

3441 S 3rd St & E Mitchell Rd - $2.82

5021 Lamar Ave & Pleasant Run Rd - $2.85

You can find out best locations and lowest prices in your state and area by going to Gasbuddy.


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