Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Future debts in Western economies projected to go exponential

Now that the Western economies have gone completely into Keynsian money printing, there is no stopping the amount of debt nation will accrue to keep the current market systems going.  And as with inflation, at a certain point the curve goes exponential where it will require more and more money just to stay even with today's borrowing.

A new chart projection of several Western economies shows that nearly every one will move into the exponential rise in debt obligations around the same time, with the trigger point occurring around 2015.


A lot of people where actually asking why people need to pay their taxes? but then again if we see the contribution of it to our society/country it's actually a big help as long as the government will also assured us the peoples money has been taking care of well for the good progress of the countries. that's why it's also very important that we know how to handle our finances glad that there's certified financial planner classes that can help us on how to handle our finances well and to avoid such things like debts or bankruptcy.

I sure hope that doesn't happen. If it does, a lot of western countries will see a drastic drop in everything from revenues to capital investments.

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