Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The dying college and university model

As costs for college and university eduction has skyrocketed over the past decade, student loan eligibility has gotten easier for young adults.  The paradigm Americans have over borrowing for today without considering tomorrow's future is leaving the next generation with debts that will affect their choices for decades to come.

So with this being said, and the statistical no-win scenario of further education, coupled with dwindling job opportunities and falling wages, the old model of needing a college Degree to have a good lifestyle is dying in society as the cost of eduction itself, not the lack of opportunities, is what is killing the future of the next generations.

A recent infograph study by Online College News shows exactly how the unsustainable cost of higher education is no longer a viable solution to ensuring a good future in a career, or lifestyle.


Universities and colleges have increased their fees over the last few years and it’s difficult for the students to bear those expenses. Definitely, there is no justification for increasing the cost of higher education and it's not guaranteed that increase in the cost of education will help in the career of the students. Essay Box

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