Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Romney Book: Investigative look at Mitt from 2008 election campaign

Yesterday, the Daily Caller came out with a blast from four years ago when they re-published a copy of The Romney Book.  This 'book' was an investigative look at Mitt Romney's financial, political, and social actions over the course of his career, and was researched by the John McCain's campaign team of 2008.

The file explores everything from the assessed value of Romney’s house (“$3.162 million”) to his views on the Boy Scouts’ ban of homosexuals (“publicly opposed … in 1994 and 2002 campaigns”). It was made public Tuesday on the social media website Buzzfeed, although it appears to have been accessible online for two months.

The document, given the name “The Romney Book,” was viewed less than 100 times on the page where it was originally uploaded by its anonymous leaker on November 11.

The biggest portion consists of a detailed and heavily sourced exploration of Romney’s evolving positions on social issues (22 pages), economic issues (21 pages) and domestic policy (48 pages).
A 33-page section details his business record at Bain Capital, and 16 pages cover political issues that the authors believed can be exploited against Romney.

Another 11 pages are devoted to his “flip-flops.” - Daily Caller via Yahoo News

The Romney Book


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