Monday, January 2, 2012

It pays to support Ron Paul... just as Kelly Clarkson

Last week, American Idol singer, and musician in her own right Kelly Clarkson spoke out and gave her endorsement of Ron Paul.

She took much flak for this from the Hollywood elites and progressives, but lo and behold, in the end, Clarkson got the last laugh as her record sales soared 200% after making the announcement.

Kelly Clarkson’s endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul appears to be helping her record sales. By a lot.
After voicing her support for Paul, and taking heat on Twitter in the process, Clarkson’s latest album, Stronger, is going gangbusters on Amazon, spiking 200 percent in sales on the e-tailer within a 72-hour period, according to the website. - The Daily Caller

Paging the Dixie Chicks... perhaps if they had learned who to support in their heyday their careers may not have experienced such a stumbling block.


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