Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Iran seeks to counter growing hyperinflation with 20% interest rate hike

Yesterday, we wrote on the growing escalation of war from Iran because of internal hyperinflation threats within their economy.  Today, Iran experienced two events, one economical, and one of a terrorist attack which seems to validate this assertion.

War from Iran could escalate as hyperinflation begins to rear up in economy

Today EA WorldNews gives us the response, which confirms that indeed the economy is in terminal shape following an interest rate hike to 20%. From the Source: "State news agency IRNA has no news on the Iranian currency this morning, but it does feature an interview with an official, noting the rise in interest rates to 20%. The effort is to reduce the flow of cash in the economy, but the official says it will increase capital investment by banks in an "impressive market"." - Zerohedge

Iran is moving towards that unique position where it will soon have to deal with both internal and external forces seeking to bring down the rulers of the Islamic nation.


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