Thursday, December 1, 2011

Economic martial law: Gerald Celente predicts US financial crackdown in early 2012

In a recent interview with Lew Rockwell, trends forecaster Gerald Celente laid out his view of where the US financial and banking system is headed, especially as global debt starts to consume banks and nations at a faster and faster rate.

"its coming down... I dont care who your money's with, its not safe unless you have it."

"And my belief, and this is going to be a Top Trend of 2012, is that, in the new year, they are going to bring down the gavel on the system.  They are going to pump it up to soak every last penny from the suckers to spend money on Christmas stuff they dont need.  And after that, after the Christmas holiday's over, then were going to get the bank holiday... some form, whether its that or not, some form of economic martial law."

You can listen to the entire interview below, and this specific prediction begins at the 17:53 mark.


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