Sunday, November 27, 2011

Place your bid for the Ron Paul signed Zimbabwe 100 Trillion dollar note

Currently on Ebay, a seller is putting up for auction a Zimbabwe 100 Trillion dollar note that is signed by none other than Ron Paul.

I can imagine that if this is an actual bill signed by Congressman Paul, he got a good laugh and told those in attendance that this is the path America is headed if we continue to rely on a private Federal Reserve.

You can see the auction on Ebay by going to this link.  Since the bid is up to $257, I suspect it is Ron Paul's signature that is worth the price, much more than Zimbabwe currency.


For those that cant afford this, here is another one on Ebay right now! I will be donating 75% of what I get on this to the Ron Paul campaign, thanks! Next President, Ron Paul Signed Zimbabwe One Hundred Trillion Dollar Bill

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