Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wall Street Layoff Lists

It only two and a half months until Christmas, and many Americans are getting their Christmas lists to Santa ready to send to the North Pole.

Some agencies however, are writing up a different list, and it is worse than getting coal in ones stocking.

The Department of Labor in NY State keeps a record of intended layoffs by companies within the Empire state.  Recently a very important title was added to that list, and in includes a major bank on Wall Street.

Date of Notice:    9/29/2011                                                                           
Control Number: 2011-0098
Rapid Response Specialist :  Linda Foehr
Reason Stated for Filing:   Plant Layoff
Bank of America
2 & 4 World Financial Center, New York, NY  10080
County: New York | WIB Name: NEW YORK CITY| Region: New York City
Contact:    John Collingwood, Senior Vice President                                                   
Phone:  (202) 661-7130
Business Type:     Financial
Number Affected:  33
Total Employees:                  -----    
Layoff Date:  First separation will occur on 11/30//2011        
Closing Date:        -----      
Reason for Dislocation:     Economic
ERNUM:  -----
Union:  No bumping rights exist.  Associates are not represented by a union.      
Classification:      Plant Layoff
Other Bank of America locations affected:
2011-0099: 1 Bryant Park, New York, NY - 250 affected, First separation to occur on 12/14/2011
2011-0100: 222 Broadway, New York, NY - 41 affected, First separation to occur on 12/14/2011 - Bloomberg via Zerohedge
So ho ho ho, or perhaps, Happy Halloween to the banksters who deserve no less but to join the growing millions out of work in other parts of the country.


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