Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Issa in no uncertain terms calls AG Holder a liar on Fast and Furious

Finally... the beginning of what Americans have been waiting for now for several months.  Hearings and indictments agains Attorney General Eric Holder, and others in the Obama administration over the Fast and Furious death scandal.

Dear Attorney General Holder:
From the beginning of the congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious, the Department of Justice has offered a roving set of ever-changing explanations to justify its involvement in this reckless and deadly program. These defenses have been aimed at undermining the investigation. From the start, the Department insisted that no wrongdoing had occurred and asked Senator Grassley and me to defer our oversight responsibilities over its concerns about our purported interference with its ongoing criminal investigations. Additionally, the Department steadfastly insisted that gunwalking did not occur.
…Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this intransigence is that the Department of Justice has been lying to Congress ever since the inquiry into Fast and Furious began. On February 4, 2011, Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich wrote that “ATF makes every effort to interdict weapons that have been purchased illegally and prevent their transport into Mexico.” This letter, vetted by both the senior ranks of ATF as well as the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, is a flat-out lie.
…Mr. Attorney General, you have made numerous statements about Fast and Furious that have eventually been proven to be untrue. Your lack of trustworthiness while speaking about Fast and Furious has called into question your overall credibility as Attorney General. The time for deflecting blame and obstructing our investigation is over. The time has come for you to come clean to the American public about what you knew about Fast and Furious, when you knew it, and who is going to be held accountable for failing to shut down a program that has already had deadly consequences, and will likely cause more casualties for years to come. - Congressman Darrell Issa

Strike 1, strike 2, strike 3... youre BUSTED!

Now, will will Congressman Issa break AG Holder into saying that the program actually came from the top of the foodchain in the Obama white house, or will he simply fall on his sword and take one for the team.

Because we know that in the Obama administration... the buck stops at George W. Bush.


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