Thursday, September 29, 2011

Obama administrations solar programs and loans are payoffs to Democratic supporters

Crony Capitalism is not new, and has in fact been a part of the corporate/political system ever since companies began using campaign donations to buy legislation or taxpayer money to benefit themselves.

The Obama administration has not been immune to this, and in a growing scandal regarding loans and taxpayer grants given to green energy and solar companies, it appears that more and more, the Department of Energy and the Obama white house have used these programs to pay off major Democratic contributors.

A Daily Caller investigation has found that in addition to the failed company Solyndra, at least four other solar panel manufacturing companies receiving in excess of $500 million in loan guarantees from the Obama administration employ executives or board members who have donated large sums of money to Democratic campaigns. - The Daily Caller

Alas, even as the government now sits on the precipice of bankruptcy, one should never let a good payola scam using taxpayer money go to waste.


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