Friday, September 23, 2011

Gold and silver crash mystery solved - September 23rd

Gold, silver, and especially copper all fell to the headsmans axe today, and through most of the market trading, rumors abound who the culprit was that caused the massive selloffs.

Was it Europ banks needing liquidity?  Was it a hedge fund needing to pay investors, or, was it Sovereign states selling off their central bank holdings?

None of the above.  No, the answer was once again the manipulated CME, who once again raised margin limits in another desperate attempt to halt the flow of dollars into metals, and to try to save the unsavable greenback.

And there you have it: CME just hiked gold margins by 21%, silver by 16% and copper by 18%. Mystery solved. - Zerohedge

So for those who didnt panic during the last CME manipulation, refrain from doing so this time.  The price will slowly make its way back up in a short period of time.


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