Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For someone the neocons consider anti-war, Ron Paul is getting most donations from servicemen

A new report shows that from US servicemen, Ron Paul is getting the most donations over all other Presidential candidates.

Maybe for once the neocons and warmongers should listen to the men and women who actually put their lives on the line.

Despite the mainstream media’s intentional disregard of Rep. Ron Paul as a top-tier Republican presidential candidate, widespread evidence of his popularity is apparent. On Saturday, the Texas Congressman won a landslide victory in the California Republican Party straw poll, a feat which continues to be ignored by the media. Likewise, military donation receipts for Republican candidates for the second quarter of this year reveal that Paul has received twice as much money from military members as all other GOP presidential candidates combined. - New American


Ron Paul's Army is now conducting maneuvers.

No one with any brains disagrees with Ron Paul that we have to save our money & manpower and pull the troops out of hundreds of unnecessary places. But Ron Paul's wanting to extend Libertarianism to the hundreds of millions of Muslims who want nothing more than to fulfill their most cherished abiding Islamic belief, to turn the world entirely Muslim is extremely misguided & dangerous. If Ron Paul wants to be legitimate here is a small list of required reading he seems clearly not to have done! investigativeproject.org
irshadmanji.com/blog (A Great Muslim Reformer)

Kall4less -

Here is the question though. Is it Ron Paul's place as a potential President of the United States to segregate and push an ideology, or is he sworn to promote and protect the Constitution for EVERY citizen?

In the 21st century, Muslim's and Muslim Jihad/Terrorism is a big issue. But its not all Muslims any more than it was all Christians or Catholics who slaughtered millions during the Dark and Middle Ages under the guise of inquisition and crusades. Men are men, and the nature of man is a wicked heart without God.

But the nature of government is SUPPOSED to be protection of rights for all citizens. Ron Paul realizes that the vast majority of neocons are anti-Muslim, no matter if they are part of Jihad or not. While Progressives are using the Muslims to divide people and consolidate power.

One must remember... the Muslims got along with the Jew and Christian for centuries until the West divided the lands after WWI, and propped up tyrant dictators over oil after WWII. We as teh West did this to ourselves when the Arabs chose to rebel against our policies and to strike back.

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