Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Even lawyers sometimes prostitute themselves outside the courtroom

Ahh yes... Student Loans.  That one place that President Obama places as the 'new' job paradigm.  Dont have a job?  Go back to school!  We have free (well, sort of free) money and COOKIES!

Didnt work so well however for an aspiring lawyer out of work, inundated by student loans 10 years after graduation, and now relegated to making coin by one of the oldest professions on earth.

No, not that one... but instead, TOPLESS DANCING!

When Carla graduated 10 years ago, she thought her law degree would be a permanent ticket to a high-paying job.  But instead of selling her mind, Carla is selling her body. After student loans, debt, a layoff and unemployment battered her bank account, she now finds herself in an almost unbelievable position - dancing in a topless bar.
"Did I ever think I’d be taking my top off for rent money? No. I was in my mid-30s and had never danced before," said Carla, who asked that we use her stage name and withhold her identity and some personal details. "As a little girl, I never thought to myself, 'I just want to grow up and be a stripper,’ or, ‘All I ever wanted to do in life is climb in the lap of sweaty stranger and take my top off.' - Red Tape, MSNBC
Ahh well.... here's lookin at you kid.... I mean REALLY looking at you.  0.0

Hope you get lots of dollars there for providing a better service to mankind than the rest of your primary vocation (lawyer).  Dont forget about President Obama each time you mail in 40 hours worth of student loan payments at the cost of your self-esteem.


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