Friday, March 18, 2011

Taxpayer dollars through state department going to rebuild mosques around the world

A new investigation by taxpayer watchdog groups has discovered that your money has, and is going to pay for renovation building of mosques around the world.

And chances are you don't know about it.

In an article from Breitbart on the issue, the State Department paid to have built over 27 mosques in Egypt, Iraq, and other places in the Middle East, at the cost of tens of billions of dollars of your money.

Our State Dept. is using undisclosed amounts of US tax dollars to build and renovate Islamic Mosques in 27 different countries. They do this under an ‘outreach’ program with the purpose of fostering ‘good will’ in Muslim countries. The state department will not reveal just how much they spend on overseas, foreign programs but a very reliable source told me most likely it is in the hundreds of billions.

This is not new to the State Department

The problem of exploitation and priorities with our State Department isn’t just an Obama problem. This was going on under Bush as well. So far from my initial investigation on this, the State Department is considered ‘rogue’ and has a mind of its own with career lifers being their 20 years and manipulating funding, budgets and continuing to focus on their long term, money laden agendas, not what is fiscally sound...
Sadly, while our citizens are out of work, and our nation in need of massive infrastructure renovations and updates of our own, the Federal government feels it is fiscally responsible to cement relations by helping build institutions that are well known to be the foundation of Islamic terrorism around the world.

Is it any wonder why our budget deficit is so high, and our national debt now greater than the yearly GDP?  When the government through bureaucracy and unaccountable agencies can spend tens of billions on building mosques and other religious institutions elsewhere in the world while our own economy and infrastructure fall into disrepair, then is it finally time to sweep the government clean of every individual who is a waste to the taxpayer?


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