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Monday, October 23, 2017

Cryptocurrencies have now been financialized as High Frequency Trading computers (HFT) take over sector

Over the weekend the Financial Times reported that a number of High Frequency Trading (HFT) firms have now entered into the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency sector, which when coupled with Coindesk's allowance of options trading means that cryptocurrencies have now been fully financialized.

According to an article in the Financial Times, several high-frequency trading firms have started trading operations in cryptocurrencies. DRW, a Chicago-based proprietary trading firm, is the largest such firm that buys and sells bitcoin through Cumberland Mining, a subsidiary. Other trading firms that have invested in cryptocurrencies include Jump Trading, DV Trading, and Hehmeyer Trading. Cumberland bought 20,000 bitcoinsat the U.S. government’s bitcoin Silkroad sale in 2015. With their stash of cryptocurrencies, proprietary trading firms act as counterparties for hedge funds and family offices for cryptocurrency trades. - Investopedia
With 99% of Bitcoins being owned by just 1% of Bitcoin wallet owners, if you think volatility in the cryptocurrency space is incredible now, just wait until the algo's kick into high gear with thousands, millions, or even billions of trades occurring per day, especially since the crypto's carry the functionality of fractionalization.

Gold prices at the mercy of President Trump and whomever will next take the reins of the Fed

Over the past two weeks gold prices have risen and fallen dependent upon news on who will likely next take the reins of the Federal Reserve.  And this is in large part as to which candidate holds either a dovish or hawkish stance on interest rates.

A great example of how the battle for the central bank Chair is affecting gold prices can be found this morning on Oct. 23 when President Trump made the comment that he is 'very very close' to choosing the next Fed Chairman.

The Dollar index dropped and gold jumped as President Trump told reporters during a meeting with the prime minister of Singapore that he was "very very close" to a decision on who would be the next chair(person) of The Fed... 
In a span of five minutes, 18,792 gold contracts, each representing 100 ounces of the metal, traded on the Comex at around 11:55 a.m. in New York - this represents around $2.4 billion notional of sudden buying-panic... - Zerohedge

The Daily Economist update for Oct. 23 2017 - U.S. Finance report

Sunday, October 22, 2017

When the Gospel isn't enough to meet your spiritual needs, now there is Christ Coin

Christianity for the most part in today's world is little more than a corporate entity that spends more time focused on the secular world than it does on the Gospel and the Power of God.  And whether it is through Prosperity doctrines or the 'Purpose Driven Life', there is always some new scheme being dreamed up by one pastor or another that seeks to control and re-energize the sheep every few years.

And now the latest trick to coming out of the church is in their jumping onto the Blockchain and cryptocurrency bandwagon, and through the creation of a virtual currency known as Christ Coin.

Christ Coin has launched as the first Christian cryptocurrency. Built by Life Change, Christ Coin has a mission to meet the spiritual and practical needs of anyone, and unite Christians together as one community for the purpose of reviving hope, repairing lives and rebuilding dreams. 
Built by a team of Christian entrepreneurs, Christ Coin is groundbreaking in its ability to build a global Christian community via cryptocurrency. – South Florida Times
It is perhaps ironic that for many years parishioners were dead set against a digital monetary system, since they equated it to the prophecies in Revelation of the one world economy run by an Anti-Christ.  But since the love of money is a temptation as strong as any a Christian will face in their time upon the earth, perhaps replacing the Power of God with a Christ Coin cryptocurrency is justification enough to help them fulfill their spiritual and earthly needs when the Creator of All Things isn't enough.

India and Brazil are the keys to whether the BRICS nations can overtake the Petrodollar and Bretton Woods system

While the Eastern and Eurasian blocs has made incredible strides over the past five years in attempting to set the world up for a post-Bretton Woods financial system, the West has achieved a certain amount of success in undermining the BRICS coalition that has been the biggest threat to dollar hegemony in the 70 years of its existence.  And if the economic group of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are going to succeed in their plans for ending the Petrodollar and bringing back a system of bi-lateral trade, then two of those countries will need to experience a political change that currently has them strongly in the hands of Western control.

The election of Prime Minister Modi in India, as well as the coup in Brazil that led to the ouster of Dilma Rousseff in exchange for a Washington shill, has meant that both Russia and China have had to go it alone over the past two years.  And this has also meant that the BRICS have lost their cohesiveness in attempting to achieve a critical mass for change, leaving Moscow and Beijing to turn towards the Middle East in an attempt for the world to buy into a new financial paradigm.

Presently, BRICS is confronted with many challenges including establishing itself as an alternative to the Bretton Woods’s economy or western economy. BRICS has to evolve itself as an integrated politico-diplomatic force having a global voice and vision that would drive the Asian century. Thus, BRICS must subscribe to a combined economic development approach (CEDA) that distinguishes the BRICS from the Bretton Woods Economy based on the nexus of Dollar and Euro convergence.  Therefore, CEDA must be a reality in near future if it is not possible now. Currently, Indian and Brazilian economies are being controlled by the Bretton Woods institutions which are the traditional system for monetary and exchange rate management established in 1944 to help reconstruct the devastated Post World War-II economy and to promote international economic cooperation. 
Last fall, India had witnessed disastrous economic debacle in the wake of demonetization that put 80% of the cash currency in circulation out of legal use and got it replaced with new bills with the twin objective of flushing out black money and digitizing the economy. But it is still unclear how many poor perished due to this reckless exercise. People without bank accounts suffered a lot as they were able to make digital or online payments as an alternative to cash currency. Indian economy sustained another jolt that failed a myriad of small businesses leaving the Indian economy in adversity of crisis ramifications. 
There is a neo-liberal political leadership in Brazil confronted with corruption allegations which have been succumbing to the hawks of Wall Street and maneuvers of Bretton Woods’s systems. The BRICS 9th Conference at Xiamen on September 04-05, 2017 presented itself “BRICS: Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future” but the partnership was not stronger, and future did not seem brighter rather it behaved like a private club where every member state was with a different agenda. Therefore, BRICS has to prove itself true to its name regarding economic accomplishments positively and constructively. – Modern Diplomacy
With both Russia and China forging headlong towards new digital currencies, as well as a the implementation of an Yuan denominated oil contract, the world is very close to being ready to have an alternative to the dollar and Petrodollar system... but only if there is enough critical mass to be able to effect this change.  And unless both India and Brazil experience a shift back towards the East through political changes at the top of their leadership, the probability of the BRICS disintegrating will be quite high, and Washington can then focus on nations targeted by Moscow and Beijing to replace these economies in their quest for change.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Daily Economist update for Oct. 21 2017 -Gold, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency report

Gold's short and medium term future could rest on how becomes appointed as the new Fed Chief

One of the most non-secret secrets in the financial sphere is how the Federal Reserve, along with the majority of other central banks, having a trading desk that allows them to dabble in stocks, futures, derivatives, and commodities whenever they choose to do so.  And when you add in their purchases of Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) from the banks immediately after the 2008 financial crisis, then you realize that the central banks have manifested Thomas Jefferson's nightmare of being able to buy and own a lion's share of the assets of a nation.

And with money simply printed out of thin air.
"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies,"  Jefferson wrote. " If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around(these banks) will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered." - Thomas Jefferson
This is why the upcoming decision by President Donald Trump on who will likely replace Janet Yellen in the seat of Chairman of the Federal Reserve is one of the biggest factors for how bonds, equities, and especially gold and silver, will perform in the coming months because today's markets are not run by fundamentals and technicals, but by interventions from the central bank.

A five-way race for the new Federal Reserve Chair has recently narrowed to two, with reports circulating that Fed governor Jerome Powell and Stanford University economist John Taylor are vying for the top economic position in the country. 
According to reports from the White House, President Donald Trump could announce his nominee early next week. He said that he would release his pick before he goes on a tour in Asia in early November. 
There has been a wide range of speculation on who will lead the central bank for the next four years. The contenders included current chairwoman Janet Yellen; the president’s chief economic adviser, Gary Cohn; and, Kevin Warsh, a former Fed governor and Morgan Stanley banker. 
The question is who would be the best for gold and according to some analysts, it could be Powell, who is seen as a moderate central banker and would likely continue the central bank’s gradual pace of interest rate hikes. 
To some analysts, Taylor is seen as a monetary policy hawk and would be the worst for gold investors as he could support a faster pace of rate hikes. 
Higher interest rates would be bullish for the U.S. dollar and push bond yields higher, which would be negative for gold, which is a non-yielding asset. - Kitco
Until things change, the premise remains the same... Investors can't fight the Fed.

Bitcoin tops $6100 and over a $100 billion market cap

On Oct. 21 Bitcoin hit another new all-time as it soared through the $6000 to currently rest just under $6200 per coin.  And this move also achieved another milestone with this singular cryptocurrency now holding a market cap of over $100 billion.

Bitcoin's total market capitalization (market cap) has surpassed $100 billion, making it worth more than many U.S. companies. 
At this level, Bitcoin is worth more than investment bank Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and household names like eBay Inc.
The digital currency reached this milestone shortly after breaking through $6,000 earlier today.  
After rising past this level, the cryptocurrency has returned more than 500% year-to-date (YTD). - Forbes

Friday, October 20, 2017

New CNBC survey has Bitcoin reaching $10,000 USD... only it appears to have happened already in Zimbabwe

On Oct. 20, CNBC published a new survey in which nearly half of the respondents agreed that the price of Bitcoin will reach $10,000 USD.  However in a interesting quirk of fate, it appears that reaching that price would come much faster than they could have imagined as a frenzy of buying today in the country of Zimbabwe has caused the cryptocurrency to reach the five figure milestone.

According to, bitcoin adoption in Zimbabwe is seemingly skyrocketing as the country’s economic situation looks bleak. So much so, that one bitcoin is trading at nearly $10,000 on the exchange, while the global average is, at press time, of $5,642.00
According to a local trader, bitcoin isn’t just being bought by individuals, but by businesses with bills to pay. The country adopted the U.S. dollar back in 2009 as its fiat currency, as the Zimbabwean dollar had lost nearly all its value. 
At press time, LocalBitcoins Zimbabwe has people buying bitcoin at the global average, and some buying the cryptocurrency for cash for well over $10,000 in the country’s capital. Bitcoin, as every bitcoiner would expect, is helping people in the country survive times of economic uncertainty, as Zimbabwe has been embroiled in a crisis for years. – Crypto Coin News
Meanwhile, here were the results from the CNBC survey.