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While appealing to emotional desires for more stuff we do not need, corporate bottom lines do not want you to realize how close to the fiscal cliff we really are.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Banker Deaths: Goldman Sachs Executive dies of mysterious accident

On July 21, a Managing Director for Goldman Sachs became the 16th known member of the financial industry to die of suicide or another mysterious causes since late last year.  Nicholas Valtz, a 39 year old executive with Goldman Sachs, died of an apparent ‘kite boarding’ accident and was found floating on the water still attached to his kite board.

Nicholas Valtz, a managing director in cross-asset sales at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) in New York, was found dead yesterday by family members who went searching for him after he didn’t return from a kiteboarding outing.
Valtz, 39, was found in Napeague Harbor near the eastern end of Long Island, according to theEast Hampton, New York, police. He was a “novice kiteboarder” and was found floating in the water secured to his kite, police said in a statement released yesterday. Other kite gear was found in a grassy area of the harbor, police said. – Bloomberg

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Plague Spreads in Colorado as Three More Patients Found

Earlier this week, we verified the first case of pneumonic plague to hit America’s shores in 100 years.  Now, just four days later, three new cases, also from the state of Colorado, have suddenly appeared and are raising fears that an epidemic could very well be on our horizon for citizens within the U.S..

Three more plague cases were found in Colorado, a week after the first infection of the deadliest form of the disease was reported in the state in a decade.
The man initially reported with pneumonic plague on July 11 is hospitalized. Two of the new cases also had pneumonic plague, while the third had a milder form. All four cases may be linked to the original man’s dog, which died from the illness, state health officials said. – Bloomberg

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BRICS economic alliance creates plan for new political alliance

Global geo-politics are controlled today by a combination of the American empire, and a conglomeration of nation states that make up the European Union.  For more than 400 years, these Western powers have been instrumental in determining the destiny’s of 90% of the world, whether through colonialism, militarism, or economic dominion and trade.

But as the world has grown smaller thanks to technology and the ability to communicate information at the speed of light, former second world countries are finding the yoke of Western servitude to be not just stifling, but quite often, life threatening.  And in the midst of an era where the national interests of the U.S. and the EU quite often lead to political change and economic destruction within sovereign countries (Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Cyprus, Greece, etc…), these lesser nations are recognizing, and even hailing the advent of a new economic and political order, which would allow them to perform their sovereign duties as they see fit, and not through the compulsory demands of nations which see them simply as means for their own political ends.

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U.S. accuses Russian rebels of taking down aircraft despite no proof

While the wild and confusing news reports coming out from both sides after the firing upon, and subsequent crash of a Malaysian Airlines plane have been politically motivated at best, the real question that has to be asked to get to the underlying truth of this horrific tragedy is…

Who benefits the most from the take down of an innocent civilian airliner over a war torn country?

To answer this question we first must look at all the other events that took place this week leading up to the Thursday downing of the Malaysian flight.  On July 14, opposing forces to U.S. and dollar hegemony took a bold step towards disintegrating America’s stronghold over the global financial system by finalizing an agreement to create a BRICS Bank, which would be a counterpart to the IMF and World Banks, and offer sovereign nations an alternative to the draconian strictures that had dominated sovereign borrowing for decades.

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Obama administration continues assault on financial companies that challenge the State

Two weeks ago, the Department of Justice finalized an agreement with French Bank BNP Paribas to admit guilt, and pay $8.9 Billion in what is the largest settlement ever tied to violations of ‘U.S. decreed sanctions’.  According to the DOJ, BNP Paribas conspired to ignore sanctions imposed on Sudan from 2002-2009, but the real story is that this indictment and fine were sent as a warning to France, and other Eurozone nations to not do business with Russia, as the charges occurred at the same time French authorities were completing a new naval deal with Vladimir Putin.

However, foreign countries are not the only ones to receive the financial hammer from Washington for daring to go against the State’s agenda.  On July 16, the same Department of Justice issued a $1 billion fine against Standard & Poor’s (S&P), for spurious claims that they inflated bond ratings for banks leading up to the 2008 credit crisis.  The truth of the matter is, the Obama Administration used these fake charges as leverage, just as they did with BNP Paribas to punish S&P for their downgrading of America’s AAA rating back in 2011.

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Obama Gives $50 Million to Baptist Charity To Turn Resort Into Illegal Alien Community

On July 16, the Obama administration gave a Baptist Charity $50 million to purchase, and renovate a resort hotel in the state of Taxes which will be used to house upwards of 600 illegal aliens that have been shipped across the border into the United States.  This extremely wasteful spending comes at a time when President Obama is seeking nearly $4 billion to create illegal sanctuaries and hostels all across the country, often times against the will of the people and legislators of these states.

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NSA spying fallout: Germany calls for limited interaction with U.S. tech companies

Just how big are the consequences becoming for America’s draconian spy system over the world?  On July 11, Germany’s Interior Ministry ordered public agencies to limit or disband their interaction and procurement’s from U.S. technology companies in the wake of U.S. spying on the German government, their political leaders, and ultimately, the German people.

These limitations include companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM.

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